Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Birth and the Woman Within

A woman believes she knows who she is - where she's come from, what she's been through in life... and in our minds we often limit ourselves to that perception. We feel we can do only what we have done in the past; that we can be only what we have be what we have been. We know ourselves only by what we have already proven to ourselves and to others... anything outside of our past experience of ourselves seems impossible, out of reach.

Birthing a child can be an experience that opens us up to the realization that we are MORE THAN we thought of ourselves...we are more capable, more powerful, more wise, more loving, more woman, than our minds would allow us to believe. In our hearts that knowledge is there all along; through the process of empowered birth a woman can let herself recognize and acknowledge that power, and free herself to revel in the awe of the realization that nothing is impossible for her, that no fear is stronger than her will, that the whole world is open before her. A woman is rebirthed during the birth of her child... born again into a new understanding of the lovely dichotomy of empowerment and humility... bringing into the outside world the woman she has always been, but didn't realize herself.

As with any birth, the new life is not fully formed, is in need of nurturing and protection as it grows and develops... once you have caught a glimpse of the YOU that is vitally, powerfully you, hang on to it and never forget that that is yourself, and you are splendid.


Kathy Collins said...

I absolutely love this! I believe it is so true that we birth ourselves as we birth our children. Maybe this is the reason I always loved giving birth and even still miss having that wonderful experience. And you know what---even though labor and birth was a situation where I was very vulnerable, it ALWAYS gave me the sense of being powerful and capable! Things I didn't normally feel. Too bad I didn't realize that at the time (or five times), that I was not only giving birth to my five precious babies, but I was also getting a glimpse at my own true self. And in watching my children grow up and become adults, I was also "growing up" right along with them. As they grow, learn, suffer, and accomplish, I cannot help but grow, learn, suffer, and accomplish also. I will learn from my children till the very end.

Bobby said...

Most women say giving birth is the greatest experience they will ever go through. As mothers they are fulfilled in no other way possible.This is the most natural thing in the world. The challenges of motherhood are so great that mother nature had to make motherhood the ultimate of human experiences. Which in my mind there is no doubt that this is true.